Glandore has heaps of cropping potential

Chance to roll up your sleeves and capitalise on this South Australian farm's cropping potential.

MIXED BUSINESS: At the moment the 2650 hectare (6548 acre) farm is a mixed operation with livestock the key focus. Pictures: Elders.

The new owners of Glandore on the west coast of the Eyre Peninsula have the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and expand its cropping operation.

At the moment the 2650 hectare (6548 acre) farm is a mixed operation with livestock the key focus.

But with the big property footprint at Colton today's 121 hectares of arable land has the ability to be expanded.

Elders Real Estate are offering Glandore as a whole or in two separate contingent parts - Glandore North and Glandore South.

The farm is being sold through expression of interest closing Wednesday, June 8.

Colton overlooks a portion of the southern coastline of Anxious Bay, famous for its fishing.

Glandore is located at 60 Kooringal Road, Colton, about 20 kilometres north of Elliston.

The Glandore farm is offered as a medium scale livestock business with that opportunity to further develop the cropping potential.

A feature of the holdings is the secure water availability and the solid infrastructure in place across the land holdings.

The infrastructure includes a series of equipped windmills and solar pumps which provide good quality water to a series of tanks and troughs across the farm.

There is a 80' x 40' x 14' machinery shed with power that has an attached set of sheep and cattle yards.

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Glandore has an implement shed and a fully functional four-bedroom family home.

The grazing country consists of open limestone grazing with small sheaok shelter which is typical of the grazing country in this region.

The grazing country pastures consists of native clovers, spear grass, barley grass and native vegetation.

The arable land has been sown to medic clovers over the years and pastures comprise of medic clovers, rye grass, barley grass and crop stubbles.

The cropping has been mainly for the production of feed for livestock and/or growing wheat and barley for sale.

The property is fenced with a mixture of Cyclone or five-wire fence with some barb wire lines in areas.

The average annual rainfall within the region is considered to range between 375mm-400mm.

Most of that annual rain falls between the April to October cropping season.

For more information contact Elders' agents Luke Duncan on 0458 141321 or Darryn Johnston on 0428 837262.

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