Nebo steers 320400kg up 77ckg on last sale

A total of 420 cattle were yarded at the Nebo combined agents sale on April 22.

Ben Michelmore of Fort Cooper, Nebo with GDL Rockhampton and Mackay agent Will Conachan. The Michelmore family offered 105 weaner steers and 43 weaner heifers in the Nebo yarding. Photo supplied.

A smaller yarding of 420 cattle were presented at the Nebo combined agents sale on Friday, with some weight categories up to 77c/kg dearer than the last sale.

Cattle consisted of 240 steers, 140 heifers, 19 cows, 11 PTIC cows, nine cows and calves and one bull/mickey with agents reporting a stronger market for heavier steers while lighter quality pens held firm.

Producers offloaded largely from local areas with orders continuing to come from southern regions.

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GDL Rockhampton and Mackay agent Will Conachan said despite the smaller numbers, the prices reflected competitive trends seen in other bigger centres across Queensland.

"Most of the steers went to feedlots, cows went to the meatworks and a few local vendors also bought steers and heifers to go back into the paddock," he said.

"Considering we had a smaller yarding compared to previous weeks, buyers are still coming up and that is reflective of the quality lines on offer."

Mr Conachan was hopeful recent rainfall experienced across the north and west of the state would impact market prices moving forward.

"We will probably see stronger prices for the next few weeks depending on the weather and rainfall received," he said.

The Nebo sale is currently occurring fortnightly, but will return to the usual monthly run in June.

Robert and Jasmine McLeod, Nebo, sold 7 x 7 Brangus cows with Speckle Park calves to return $3000/hd. Photo supplied.

Steers over 500kg averaged 396c, 87c cheaper than a fortnight ago, steers between 400-500kg topped 518c, to average 507c, 29c dearer than the previous sale, steers weighing between 320-400kg reached a maximum of 552c, to average 538c, 77c dearer, steers between 250-320kg sold to a top of 630c, to average 584c, 23c dearer than two weeks ago, and steers under 250kg sold to 668c, to average 627c, 39c dearer.

Cows under 400kg sold to a top of 324c, and averaged 320c, 58c dearer than the previous sale, cows weighing between 400-520kg averaged 336c, 46c dearer than a fortnight ago.

Heifers between 400-450kg sold to a top of 452c, to average 436c, 56c dearer, heifers between 300-400kg made 496c, to average 495c, 38c dearer than two weeks ago, heifers weighing between 250-300kg averaged 482c, 24c dearer and heifers under 250kg sold to a top of 560c, to average 506c, 13c cheaper than a fortnight ago.

Bulls weighing between 450-600kg sold to a top of 424c.

Saleyard Highlights:

JW and WJ Grant, Collinsville, sold Braford No.0 steers for 518c/kg to return $2131/hd. Heifers sold for 494.2c/kg to return $1865/hd.

Big Horn Past, Undercliff Station, sold a line of Droughtmaster cross weaner steers to top at 630c/kg weighing 251kgs to return $1584/hd.

Fort Cooper, Nebo, sold lines of Santa cross weaners with steers topping at 668.2c/kg to return $1531/hd and averaging $1291. Heifers topped at 560c/kg to return $1108/hd.

Stan Fordham, Collinsville, sold Braford prime cows for 336.2c/kg to return $2247/hd.

Robert and Jasmine McLeod, Nebo, sold Angus cross PTIC heifers for $2200/hd and cows and calves for $3000/hd.

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