How to overcome poor fertility

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More than 20 per cent of all cow cullings are due to poor fertility and reproduction issues. How can you overcome this in your dairy herd?

In podcast The BreedCast, breeding experts, Peter Larson, Senior Breeding Manager VikingJersey, VikingGenetics and Claus Langdahl, Senior Breeding Manager VikingHolstein, VikingGenetics, share their experiences from helping farmers with fertility issues around the world.

They update you on the latest solutions for better fertility and reproduction, and give you a sneak peek into future genetic technologies in innovative cattle breeding.

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Poor cow fertility impacts the profitability of your dairy herd. The costs are often hidden but have a huge influence on your bottom line.

Poor fertility results in:

• More empty days resulting in higher feed cost without any production in return

• More culling due to infertility, higher proportion of involuntary culling

• Higher insemination costs

• Higher veterinary costs

• Longer lactation and lower profitability

• Risk of reduced milk yield in the next lactation due to dry period being too long

• Reduced number of heifers for sale

With a consistent focus on fertility in your breeding strategy you can achieve higher profitability.

Herds with a higher production level can achieve bigger savings from improved fertility because every day without milk is costing more.

Sexed semen is becoming increasingly popular amongst dairy farmers around the world. 2020 was another record breaking year with more doses sold worldwide than ever before.

The benefits of sexed semen include an up to 90 per cent chance of a heifer calf from your best females and fewer unwanted bull calves.

But what do you need to be aware of when using sexed semen in your herd? And how do you make the most of this innovative technology?

To give us the best tips and insights into sexed semen, we've invited two breeding experts to share their best tips on how you can optimise your dairy business with sexed semen.

They present the latest tools for a better breeding strategy-and predict an interesting future for the sexed semen technology.

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Get an insight into the future of cattle breeding. Learn from experts in beef and dairy farming. Listen to The BreedCast-your podcast series on innovative breeding.

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