Hannaford Farm Exchange offers a new way to trade seed and feed

Hannaford Farm Exchange is a new trading platform that allows Aussie growers, to find, purchase and sell seed and feed, directly from farms across the country.

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If you've been searching for a secure and easy way to trade grain, which puts you directly in contact with motivated local buyers and sellers, this online marketplace might be just what you're looking for.

Hannaford Farm Exchange is a new trading platform that allows Aussie growers, to find, purchase and sell seed and feed, directly from farms across the country.

It is freely accessible to both buyers and sellers with no registration or listing fees, meaning there are no barriers to listing any feed or excess seed retained on farm. This has made platform popular among many farmers.

Michael Collins - a farmer and agronomist from the Yorke Peninsula of South Australia - was one of the first to register and list. He says he was impressed with how easy it was to navigate and expressed optimism for the practical opportunities it could offer.

"A dedicated farmer-to-farmer seed and feed online marketplace will make it easier to find difficult-to-source varieties in the area," he explained.

"Quality is really important when it comes to buying seed and feed, so the ability to easily see testing, treatment and grading details gives you confidence in what you're buying and as a seller you know payment is assured as it's done through a secure facility."

Hannaford Farm Exchange is an easy to use platform, bringing together buyers and sellers in a transparent, open marketplace. Sellers can display photos, minimum purchase quantities and price per tonne, while buyers searching for seed or feed can look for specific varieties and filter results by their local area.

Sellers who create listings can also include details on seed treatments and testing to ensure quality, and buyers are able to offer a rating at the end of the transactions, allowing future buyers to trade with greater confidence.

The level of payment security for traders is also a big selling point. Hannaford Farm Exchange utilises Stripe, a secure payment gateway to ensure the seller gets paid on-time and in full, whilst the buyer gets the quality and quantity they agreed upon.

The platform was developed by nurture.farm and is its first foray into the Australian market. The company says it hopes to provide digital solutions to improve efficiency for farmers and add value to their businesses.

"One of the great things about Hannaford Farm Exchange is that it gives buyers and sellers an easier way to interact," nurture.farm's Head of Strategic Projects Michael Hall explained.

"The fact that growers can interact with each other via Hannaford Farm Exchange, ask questions and deal with other local growers means those who use the platform can do so with confidence," he said.

"That confidence is further enhanced, because once the price is agreed and funds transferred, they are held securely in the buyer's Stripe account and only released upon physical inspection and pick up of the seed or feed."

Hannaford Farm Exchange is available nationally for all growers. For a limited time, first time sellers will receive a $100 gift voucher with their first listing. To start trading, register for free at www.hannafordfarmexchange.com.au

Alternatively, if you would like to hear more about the Hannaford Farm Exchange, contact them via email at: info@hannafordfarmexchange.com.au or call Jacob Hayes on 0427 974 632.

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