Stocktake GLM app helps monitor land condition

The Stocktake GLM app can help Queensland producers to monitor land condition.

When monitoring land condition, the best technique is repeat photography accompanied by detailed notes.

The Stocktake GLM app can help you achieve this and more.

"When selecting a monitoring site, the most important thing is to select a location that best represents the area you want to monitor," Department of Agriculture and Fisheries senior beef extension officer Greg Bath said.

"Pick a spot that is typical of the pasture species, tree density and slope in your paddock. If you have multiple land types in a paddock, you might like to choose several monitoring sites."

"The Stocktake GLM app has been designed to take out the guesswork of what to record each year.

"Once the site is set up, the templates prompt the user to record key information such as pasture and soil condition, and ground cover and tree coverage.

"There is also the opportunity to record pasture species, weeds or other anomalies (e.g. fire)."

Stocktake GLM also features a forage budgeting tool for all grazing systems.

The app does not require internet connectivity and is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Download it for free by searching for 'Stocktake GLM' in your app store or visiting

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