UTF releases new saliva lick feeder

UTF Australia's innovative approach to continually developing the strength and efficiency of its products with greater applications has seen the Clarke family evolve their business to a national brand in the feeder and trailer market.

UTF Australia's innovative approach to continually developing the strength and efficiency of its products with greater applications has seen the Clarke family evolve their business to a national brand in the feeder and trailer market.

After 16 months of planning, developing and testing a new saliva lick feeder concept, UTF Australia principals Ben and Bruce Clarke have released the Universal Ultimate Series feeder with a patented designed one adjuster feeding system.

The former farmers wanted to improve all aspects affecting the lifespan of a feeder, feeding rate accuracy, functionality and safety for both the producer and livestock.

"We have always prided ourselves on the heavy material we use and the strength of our feeders but we knew there was more we could do for our customers," Bruce said.

"The aim was to manufacture a feeder superior to any other products on the market and we are proud of the new Ultimate Series feeder."

The Ultimate Series feeder uses one plate to control both the height and width of the feed available and all adjustments are made from outside the feed area with mounted galvanised ratchets. No tools are required.

UTF Australia's original feeding system uses a two-plate adjustment system with one plate determining the height and the other the width of the feed available with both adjustments accessed within the feeding area. The Clarkes said one of the key aspects to the new feeder design was not requiring the use of a bottom adjuster, which can be susceptible to corrosion and shorten the feeder's lifespan.

"The combination of saliva, rain, dust and dirt is the perfect environment for corrosion," Bruce said. "Like most manufacturers, the bottom adjuster on the original feeder is bolted against the base and allows moisture and dirt to penetrate the two surfaces.

"The bottom adjuster is removed on the new feeder and the bottom plate is fixed to the base and sealed."

Other features of the new feeder design are quick and easy adjustment of rates, no sharp edges in the feed area, enclosed external adjustment, finer and more accurate adjustment to achieve lower rates and a tongue restrictor that simply swings away when cleaning the feed area.

The one adjuster is made of 7mm steel which alleviates the need for additional supports that could pose a risk to livestock.

A reinforced and easily removed cover protects the externally mounted adjustors at the end of the feeder from weather and damage from livestock.

UTF Australia Ultimate Series and original feeders are available in 3000 litre and 4200L capacities for sheep, cattle and pig enterprises (the largest saliva lick feeder on the market) and can be bought fully assembled or flat packed.

The range of saliva lick and ad-lib feeders have been the strongest feeders on the market for at least the past 10 years. The feeders can be towed empty on their skids or lifted with forks (with care), even with grain inside. There are also practical accessories available for the feeders including applications to assist with transport and feeding accessories such as ad-lib attachments, restrictor guards and calf creep gates.

The Clarkes said their customers were happy with the capacity and quality of the feeders with many returning to purchase more once they have seen how effective and strong the feeders are.

"We have seen particularly strong growth of UTF Australia's feeders into the cattle industry and an increasing number of feeders purchased specifically for lot feeding, with producers recognising the benefits of the ad-lib attachment and increased trough height to minimise wastage," Ben said. "There are also more mixed livestock and cropping producers utilising holding paddocks with our feeders during their busy periods such as pre-seeding and seeding time.

"This allows pasture feed to get away without grazing pressures and ease of management with their livestock in a confined area."

The Clarke family continually improves and develops trailers and trailer options with greater applications unique to UTF.

UTF Australia's range of flat-bed and tipping trailers can be made to order, ranging from 2500mm to 6500mm and 2 tonnes to 4.5t available in tandem and tri-axle configurations with no shortage of options.

"We are always sourcing new and better quality components for our trailers, such as the new Australian-made jockey wheels fitted to all UTF trailers," Ben said. "Our trailers can be made canvas-ready with the tarping infrastructure in place and this has proven popular with farmers, particularly with stud breeders. And with bigger utilities capable of larger towing capacities on the market, we have seen a push toward the 4.5t trailers available in both tandem and tri-axle configurations."

The Clarkes said as more UTF trailers hit the road, they were becoming more recognised in regional and metro areas.

"We have seen several customers initially enquire and order a trailer after seeing one of our trailers on the road," Ben said. "And we now have a number of customers who have returned and purchased up to three trailers from us for different applications.

Ben and his wife Bernie are now the directors of UTF Australia with Ben's father Bruce helping to run the business. UTF Australia is based on a corner the former family farm close to Goomalling, WA, and has depots in the Northern Territory and Tasmania, and multiple locations in South Australia, Victoria, NSW, Queensland and WA.

Freight is available Australia-wide.

• Visit www.universalfeeders.com.au, www.universaltrailers.com.au or contact 0499 555 355.

TRAILER TRUCKING: A semi-trailer load of Universal Trailers about to be trucked from Goomalling, WA, to its eastern state's depots.

UTF Australia's Ben (left), Bernie, Diana and Bruce Clarke, Goomalling, Western Australia.

UTF Australia's original feeding system which uses a two plate adjustment system to determine height and width of feed available and both adjusted within the feeding area. The bottom plate on the new Ultimate Series feeder is fixed and sealed to the base, extending the lifespan of the feeder by preventing corrosion caused from saliva, rain and dust penetrating the two surfaces.

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