John Deere's X-factor solution for harvesting

Introducing John Deere's new model harvester, the X Series.

LARGEST EVER: The John Deere X Series joins the S Series to offer the most comprehensive range of harvesters on the market.

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As growers across the country tackle another bumper season in 2021-22, John Deere's largest ever harvester, the X Series, has brought game-changing capacity and technology to the paddocks of Australia.

John Deere Australia New Zealand production systems manager Ben Kelly said this harvest further reinforced the need for reliable and intelligent machinery to maximise harvesting capacity given the intersection of labour shortages with such a strong and high-volume crop.

"Given the bumper season and the limited availability of labour this season, we have seen machinery utilised to the extreme and technology demonstrate its true value," Mr Kelly said.

The highly-anticipated delivery of the first X Series to Australia this year included the placement of three demonstration models in-field over the past month.

The X Series joins the tried and tested S Series to offer the most comprehensive and powerful range of harvest solutions available on the market.

"The X Series not only delivers a significant step-up in harvest capacity, it also brings a new level of power and performance to the John Deere harvester line-up," Mr Kelly said.

SUPPORT: Australia New Zealand production systems manager Ben Kelly.

The X Series Dual Separator, with a wide feeder house, offers the largest threshing and separation capacity John Deere has ever offered.

It also has a seven square metre Dyno-FloTM XL Cleaning Shoe to deliver 36 per cent more cleaning area than the S790 combine.

For comparison, the smaller of the X Series offering, the X9 1000, has just 1pc more horsepower than the largest S Series, the S790, yet is capable of delivering significantly more capacity.

It was this capability that saw the machine recognised at Agritechnica, in Germany, for harvest effeciency.

"For some operators, the S Series will remain the perfect, high-performing workhorse, and it may be that buying additional S Series machines will make the most sense for the unique needs and operating conditions of their business," Mr Kelly said.

"For other growers and contractors, the next level speed and capacity of the X Series will be ideally suited to their operating conditions."

Seamless integration

John Deere's commitment to providing whole-farm solutions means the X Series works hand-in-hand with the S Series, ensuring seamless integration into existing fleets.

Both the S Series and X Series connect to the John Deere Operations Center, a cloud-based, central location where growers can digitally share machine or operational information with trusted partners and advisors.

Combine AdvisorTM, available on both the X and S Series, delivers a suite of technologies, including ActiveVisionTM cameras and sensors to identify changes in crop conditions, to maximise machine performance and harvesting profits.

At a machine-to-machine level, Machine Sync creates a local network between tractors and harvesters to facilitate the automation of the unloading process, maintaining a high-level of productivity regardless of operator experience.

"Working together, these two technologies improve grain samples, reduce losses, and increase all-day productivity," Mr Kelly said.

"In crops, such as wheat, barley, canola, corn, soybeans and rice, it automatically adjusts your harvester settings based on conditions without input from the operator.

"On the other hand, Machine Sync allows growers to control the chaser bin from the cab to maximise productivity and safety during unloading, allowing operators to be more productive and alert."

Get in front with new platforms

Four next generation platforms, including the Hinged Draper series, Rigid Draper series, Belt Pickup, and Corn Heads, are also now available on both the X and S Series, to further round-out John Deere's harvest solutions.

This includes the widest ever front, measuring an impressive 15.2 metres (50 feet), to support higher harvesting capacity so growers can cover more hectares an hour, while minimising grain loss across a large range of crops and conditions.

Orders are now open for growers to secure John Deere harvesting solutions for the 2022-23 harvest.

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