Goldacres sprayers are simple and fun

When the importance of staying on top of weed control has been passed down through the generations, it helps to have a sprayer that everyone on the farm wants to jump into and use.

SPRAY FOR LONGER: The Goldacres G6 Series 2 features a 36 metre boom and a 6000 litre tank - getting more done.

When the importance of staying on top of weed control has been passed down through the generations, it helps to have a sprayer that everyone on the farm wants to jump into and use.

That is just the case for Broden Holland on his 5000 hectare operation near Young, NSW.

Mainly growing cash crops of wheat and canola as part of Koolpari Enterprises, Mr Holland also has a three-year lucerne pasture phase to support his 5000-ewe operation.

To stay on top of his weeds, Mr Holland purchased a Goldacres G6 Series 2 self-propelled sprayer.

Goldacres staff pride themselves on leading the way in self-propelled sprayers suited to Australian farming.

They have been manufacturing self-propelled sprayers for over 20 years, providing lightweight, high clearance, high capacity sprayers.

"We have found there are a number of benefits to having a self-propelled sprayer on the farm," he said.

"Not least of which is that everyone wants to get in and drive it.

"You just seem to get more done.

"We have a 6000 litre tank on with a 36 metre boom and that means we can keep spray more for longer.

"We're very conscious of our weeds, and need to stay on top of them.

"So enjoying doing the spraying makes it that much easier.

"We got the G6 Series 2 in March and will have sprayed 1800ha before harvest.

"We have very low numbers of weeds and we want to keep them there, spraying for ryegrass and radish, and black oats in the wheat."

These low weed numbers have seen Mr Holland install weed detect cameras and while he and his team are still ironing out the finer details of their use, he believes they will be a real benefit.

"We installed cameras to minimise the amount of chemical we use," he said.

"They will be great once we get a couple of months of data and get some algorithms back.

"We are spending all this money on chemicals when we may only be chasing one or two weed plants.

"We still want to stay on top of them but when we have the cameras working the way we want, they will be a real benefit."

Mr Holland believes the upgrades on the G6 Series 2 make it far more practical.

"We had a Goldacres G6 Series 1 before this one and we made modifications on it to suit our needs," Mr Holland said.

"The guys from the dealership came out and now they all come standard on the Series 2."

Goldacres believes the G6 Crop Cruiser is the ideal solution for large-scale dryland farming.

Operator comfort has hit another level with the centrally located cabin boasting a range of features.

The mechanical driveline means the G6 Series 2 offers the lowest cabin noise in its class.

The air ride seat reduces operator fatigue and is adjustable seven ways.

Add in the adjustable steering column and operators will have no trouble finding the most comfortable seating position.

The G6 Series 2 comes with an adjustable side console with G-Hub and the G-Motion joystick.

"It is so easy to use with simple controls and big buttons," Mr Holland said.

"They have done a good job.

"I love technology and when I saw it I said that it was going to be good.

"Another good thing about the G6 Series 2, is that you just get in and off you go.

"You don't need to hook it up to anything and when you are done, you just go and easily park it.

"There's nothing to it."

Mr Holland is not only impressed with the machine, but also said the after-sales service is spot on.

"We did 3000 hours on the Series 1, and it was probably only down for one hour total," he said.

"We would have only had five issues, and each one was fixed over the phone with no need for a technician to come out."

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