More growers hold grain on-farm

On-farm grain storage can boost harvest efficiencies, help ingrain marketing and ensure grain quality.

IN STORE: Keeping grain in purpose-built systems during and after harvest can help with logistics and marketing challenges.

As Australia's farmers start harvesting what is expected to be a "bin-busting" crop in most states, it is a good time to prepare on-farm grain storage and logistics systems.

An increasing number of growers are using on-farm storage to: boost harvest efficiencies; take more control of their grain marketing; and maintain grain quality by ensuring optimum storage temperatures and pest control.

Allied Grain Systems' (AGS) national sales manager, Dave Markham, said storing grain on-farm helped farmers overcome productivity and marketing challenges during the busy harvest period.

He said the upfront costs of installing quality, robust and well manufactured grain bins, silos and conveying systems were repaid swiftly by offsetting third party storage and transport costs.

"Add the flexibility of multiple marketing options for your grain and value-adding opportunities, such as blending, and there is a really attractive return on investment," he said.

Mr Markham said harvest was often not the best time to sell grain.

But he said with current market conditions, this season could different.

Mr Markam said storing grain on-farm allowed growers to hold-off their surplus until the market was profitable.

"This helps to optimise returns and iron-out income troughs and spikes," he said.

"It alleviates high freight costs, which will be especially felt this year due to labour shortages across Australia's agriculture sector.

"And, without having to transport the grain instantly, farmers can wait for more reasonable prices to move it."

Keeping grain in optimum conditions during storage is the key goal for AGS when designing and constructing its on-farm systems.

The company's silos are built to ensure correct aeration, which preserves grain quality and helps growers to manage pests and diseases.

This is especially important in light of increasing restrictions on using chemical control options for pests and diseases.

Mr Markham said AGS had exclusive access to cutting-edge technology in aeration floors that were designed to be integrated into silos for correct grain fumigation.

"To be truly effective, silos also require a robust and gas-tight seal," he said.

"AGS silos are built to the Australian Standard 2628, which means these can hold phosphine gas and other fumigants to kill insects at all life stages.

"Our silo sealing system has been independently recognised as one of the best performing in Australia, and we are now the market leaders in this field."

Mr Markham said the AGS philosophy was to install cost-effective grain storage and handling systems that suited specific requirements, would last the test of time and were cost-effective to run and maintain.

AGS, which is based in Young in New South Wales, partners with North American powerhouse AGI.

AGI is a global leader in the planning, engineering and manufacturing of total solutions and systems for grain, fertiliser, food, feed and seed.

One of AGI's stand-out technologies is SureTrack hardware and software.

AGI SureTrack puts sourcing, logistics and monitoring at the grower's fingertips for every phase of production, storage and processing.

This hardware and software suite offers one secure location for data storage, record keeping and traceability.

Mr Markham said AGS and its partners offered diverse products and services covering all facets of grain handling - from conveyors to silos, bin management technology and weighbridges.

"Our products are reliable, well made, very efficient and state-of-the-art," he said.

"Conveying systems and augers sourced from AGI are high quality and competitively priced."

ROBUST AND RELIABLE: Allied Grain Systems aims to help lift quality.

Young farmer Broden Holland has set up an AGS grain silo and handling system.

He said he wanted to support the local business and knew AGS was the brand to go with.

Mr Markham said AGS and AGI were respected by growers for being "good at what they do".

"When farmers come in and see the products, they are obviously very happy," he said.

Allied Grain Systems offers a variety of conveyors and augers, as well as a large range of cone and fat bottom silos.

It has recently taken on a big port project in South Australia.

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