Easy way to open heavy gates

The Gate Wheel from QuikFence is making light work of opening big heavy steel gates, says Warwick Gates business owner Jon Earl.

Save time and energy: The Quikfence FastFencer takes the work out of fencing with the added benefit of being able to carry out the work from the comfort of your tractor.

The Gate Wheel from QuikFence is making light work of opening big heavy steel gates, says Warwick Gates business owner Jon Earl.

"The inspiration came about when travelling and watching 'ol mate' struggling to open a badly hung double steel gate to go into the paddock. Then he had to close it once in the paddock before he could feed his cattle! It made think there has to be a better way," Mr Earl said.

"We've been producing the Gate Wheel since June this year and it has made life so much easier for children, and farmers alike who no longer have to struggle opening gates on farms. It reduces the weight on the hanging post to stop the wear and tear on hinges as well as the fencing structure, making it easy to open," he said.

Mr Earl created the Gate Wheel, which comes in two halves and slides onto the gate, as a quick, safe and easy solution to reduce the drag of opening the gate.

SIMPLE: With the QuikFence Gate Wheel opening heavy steel gates is easy.

Designed and manufactured by Warwick Gates using quality Australian steel exclusively for QuikFence, the Gate Wheel includes all the parts, brackets, bolts and tek screws that are required and can be posted anywhere in Australia.

The assembly instructions are easy to follow and it is a quick process to add the wheel. For further information and links to view the Gate Wheel in action go to quikfence.com.au/gate-wheel.

Mr Earl said the FastFencer continues on the theme of making light work of everyday on-farm tasks, this time it's for fencing.

"Farmers who do regular fencing work or are preparing for a major project like exclusion fencing should consider the FastFencer."

He said the FastFencer is an attachment that can be mounted to any tractor, bobcat or telehandler and easily handles up to three heavy rolls of wire, either 250m or 500m in length and up to 2200mm high.

"The FastFencer takes the strain for farmers and fencing contractors to safely lift, carry and string up wire in a straight line with no more heavy lifting."

Mr Earl said the easily operated hydraulic system lifts three rolls weighing up to 364 kilograms each in a single movement, saving huge amounts of time and energy.

"Once the roll is in place, you tie off the first post, unroll along the fence line and with the hydraulic clamp. Pull on the netting with the machine until the fence is to the desired tension, the next roll is joined, repeat the process until at the end of the line and tied off the fence wire.

"This process enables the fence to be erected tighter, straighter, with reduced effort and fatigue for the farmer."

The FastFencer is available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit the farmer's specific needs and operation.

The FastFencer is available through QuikFence, which also supplies FencePro and Bryce Suma post drivers across the country.

• To view the FastFencer, Gate Wheel, or heavy duty post drivers in action visit quikfence.com.au or call 1800 062 723.

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