Tackling stubbles head on

Built tough for rugged paddock conditions and high stubble loads post-harvest.

GOOD WORK: Capella grower Tim Gersbach has been very impressed with his 18 metre (60-foot), five-section Mandako land roller.

Harvest is fast approaching and many grain growers are planning the logistics of operations to be carried out during and soon after this busy time on the farm calendar.

As part of this, it is well worth considering investment in efficient stubble crunching and land rolling systems.

Specialist Australian farm machinery supplier BP Imports has a range of Mandako stubble crunchers and land rollers that are proving highly successful across the nation's broadacre grain belts.

Using these machines, growers are finding there are a rapid improvements in their soil quality on the back of fast stubble decomposition and an increase in subsurface microbe activity.

Using stubble crunchers means there is less need for fertilisers, more carbon content is retained in the soil and more water is stored and made available for the next year's crop planting.

BP Imports principal Burke Perry, who is based in Western Australia's Great Southern region, said the Mandako stubble crunchers were heavy duty and ideal for handling thick stubble - including that from canola stalks.

"This will be particularly important in the summer of 2021-22 due to most states being likely to harvest bumper crops," he said.

"Mandako crunchers will be able to handle stubble mulching tasks head-on - and at a pace of about 15 hectares per hour.

"This makes the process fast, efficient and cost effective."

Mr Perry said the stubble crunchers came in a range of sizes from six metres (20-foot) to 18 metres (60-foot).

These machines are fitted with four-inch bolt-on blades, hydraulic wings and rear wheel steering.

They have a transport width of 3.5 metres and three-inch drum shaft and bearing.

"They are built tough for rugged paddock conditions and high stubble loads post-harvest," Mr Perry said.

Looking ahead to next year, he said farmers would also be well placed to consider ordering from Mandako's land roller range.

YIELDING RESULTS: Mandako land rollers boost crop yields.

This has proven to be particularly popular across Queensland in recent years.

"The Mandako is quickly gaining a reputation as a much-needed product when it comes to growing chickpeas and other crops," Mr Perry said.

The Mandako land roller has unique features, including a 42-inch drum diameter, 3/4 inch drum wall thickness, hydraulic floating hitch, hydraulic dual rear wheel steering, auto fold, standard safety chain and a light kit.

Mr Perry said all models in the Mandako range were manufactured to the highest quality, were easy to operate and went from work to transport in two minutes.

"The five-section land roller follows the contour of the ground and - with the floating hitch - leaves paddocks flat like bowling green," he said.

"This allows you to get maximum yield - especially from chickpea crops - so you're not leaving any product behind, and your grain sample is clean from foreign material.

"It also reduces costly breakdowns, repairs and downtime at harvest caused by dirt and rocks.

"So, you can keep your header working in the paddock."

Capella-based grower Tim Gersbach said he had been very impressed with the 18m (60-foot), five-section Mandako land roller he purchased through BP Imports for use on his family's 3925-hectare chickpea, wheat and sorghum operation.

"We bought the land roller to assist with our chickpea farming," he said.

"We roll the paddock after planting and before the plants are germinating to level the paddock and push down any rocks without covering the seed trench.

"The Mandako is has proven perfect for this task.

"We can tell that excellent workmanship is put into the Mandako range."

Mr Perry said BP Imports only sourced equipment that was made to the highest quality and suited Australian conditions.

"The aim is to help Australian farmers improve production and make their businesses more efficient," he said.

Mr Perry said he has farmed and been involved in importing and selling equipment for 30 years, which was key to him setting up BP Imports.

"Our company has the ability to source the best products available and bring them to Australia to provide farmers with access to this equipment at very competitive pricing," he said.

"We're a small business which allows us to invest in sourcing and developing equipment to improve production.

"And we are an independent machinery dealer, which allows us to make our own decisions and sell products we are confident will help our customer's to become more profitable."

BP Imports mainly sells broadacre equipment.

• More Information: burke@bpimports.com, 0427 285 040.

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