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Over the years, Bourgault Australia has become a household name among broadacre farmers.

VERSATILE: Jimmy Pitson appreciates his Bourgault HD848-8 FMS seeder which works well for both crops and pastures.

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Over the years, Bourgault Australia has become a household name among broadacre farmers.

With its FMS (frame mounted seeders) range, Bourgault has developed a machine for smaller operators with the precision and productivity that broadacre farmers have become accustomed to.

The FMS seeders make use of many of the same components seen on larger Bourgault models, including the widely renowned in metering accuracy, the PDM Pro hydraulic metering units.

The PDM Pro features three speeds and a number of metering augers, allowing for seeding rates from anywhere between 2 and 200 kilograms per hectare.

Three-tank metering in 4800 and 7200 litre capacities and an optional fourth Saddle Tank for small seeds makes versatility a key component of the FMS machines.

The ability to use double-shoot air-streams and Bourgault's Mid Row Banders, spreader plates or Tru-Trac Coulters, leaves the grower with seed delivery options for nearly every job.

It was the versatility of the FMS that drew the attention of Jimmy Pitson who purchased a Bourgault HD848-8 seeder.

Mr Pitson farms 607 hectares of his own land between Culcairn and Holbrook, and contract sows 2023ha to 2428ha as well.

He also sows pastures as part of his contract work and for his sheep and cattle operation.

After purchasing his Bourgault last year, this season was his first with the machine, sowing wheat, canola and oats, and Mr Pitson couldn't be happier with it.

"We wanted some diversity with trying to leave stubble behind and still be able to do pasture work as well," he said.

"We are steering away from burning, cutting stubble off about a foot high and then going back through it.

"One of the biggest things is the depth. We are sowing 60kg of urea as well as 120kg of MAP in most crops.

"The dual-boot system is allowing us to put the urea and fertiliser down deep while still getting the optimum seed depth as well.

"We have been ripping deeper, putting the urea and MAP in the first shank to really open the country up and that has been working a treat.

"I know it has been a very good year with nearly 700ml of rainfall, but I think we'll really see the benefits of ripping deeper in a dry season.

The FMS range comes in sowing widths of 6, 8 and 9 metres, and a narrow transport width of 3m wide by 4m high (4.5m high for the 9m models).

Using the same precision tyne and disc openers Bourgault offer on its broad-acre seeder bars, the FMS is available in both the tyne and single-disc models.

Another Bourgault machine garnering a lot of interest is the 9000 Series air seeders.

Taking all the guess work out of rate application, the 9000 Series air seeders are configured four main individual tanks, mounted on three load cells for accurate on-the-go weight tracking.

There is capacity for a fifth tank, a Saddle Tank, for finer seeds.

Featuring Bourgault's Trimax Distribution System, the 9000 Series allows for seed placed safely by itself, starter phosphate side-banded separately, and nitrogen placed mid-row, guaranteeing seed safety.

GOOD FIT: The axle spacing on the 9650 suits Lawson Grains' farming system.

This versatility allows for any delivery combination to match a crops specific requirements.

Ben Armstrong of Lawson Grains, Urana, crops 10,000ha (24711ac) of wheat, barley, canola and chickpea every winter season.

Mr Armstrong purchased a Bourgault 9650 air seeder this season, planting about 8000ha.

"I like that it offers the largest tank for seeders with a three metre wheel centre," Mr Armstrong said.

"So we get more productivity as we don't have to refill the tank.

"This is ideal for the controlled traffic system of farming that we use.

"We run a full controlled traffic system on farm.

"This means that our tractors, sprayers, harvesters, seed bar and air cart all run on the same wheel tracks, limiting compaction.

"There are other manufacturers who have a similar size tank, but couldn't get back to the 3m controlled traffic axle spaces.

"The technology options were a key factor as well, including section control, individual weigh cells in the tanks.

"And the controller we went with meant it was full isobus plug and play for our machinery."

Mr Armstrong said that he has enjoyed a smooth season with his seeder.

Bourgault Australia has distribution centres on both sides of the country, with purpose-built facilities in Perth, WA and Albury, NSW.

Bourgault is committed to supporting its products.

Customers can be assured that with extensive parts warehouses on both sides of the country, both parts and service support are easily accessible.

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