Be productive with HSELECT and GeoSelect

HARDI continues to drive productivity with H-SELECT and GeoSelect.

GeoSelect in-cab screen. Be across all aspects of spraying with cutting edge user interface.

OVER the years HARDI has produced and improved upon its self-propelled (SP) sprayers, with distinctive differences for your spraying needs.

The RUBICON is a prime example.

With tank options up to 9000 litres, this machine meets the productivity demands of large-scale farmers, as the seamless integration of capacity and ease of operation delivers hectare-eating performance to conquer every day spraying tasks with ease.

The RUBICON takes efficiency and productivity to a completely new level with significant improvement of the application.

Time and timing can both be critical factors for spraying, especially on large paddocks.

RUBICON's class-leading capacity reduces travel and filling downtime, so you can keep spraying and finish sooner.

RUBICON has the power, torque, tank, and fuel capacity to work effortlessly all day.

The 48.5 metre HARDI PARAGON AL boom represents a 35 per cent increase in work rate over a comparable 36m boom.

Superior boom management keeps the nozzles at their optimum spray height across the full width of the boom and a wide range of operating conditions.

Working together, these features allow RUBICON to spray and comfortably cover more than 1000 hectares per day.

On the other hand, fitted with a 6200 litre tank and a 300 horsepower Cummins 6.7L diesel engine, the uniquely Australian SARITOR takes a proven sprayer to the next level.

With a range of steel or HARDI PARAGON aluminium booms from 36m to 48.5m, the acres covered is improved with an unrivalled ride and remarkably precise height management.

One of the most outstanding features of SARITOR is its remarkable AutoTerrain boom ride.

Capitalising on HARDI's 30+ years of experience, the SARITOR uses a wide PARALIFT boom centre with HARDI's AutoTerrain boom height and stability control, coupled to patented yaw dampening.

This intelligent, integrated, AutoTerrain system proactively positions the boom to compensate for terrain changes, resulting in precise, tip-to-tip height control, for more accurate spraying and near-zero chance of ground strikes, even with high spraying speeds and the widest aluminium booms.

While wide booms increase productivity, the extra cost and yield losses of over or under spraying make an automatic turn and speed compensation essential.

Exclusive to HARDI, H-SELECT and now the GeoSelect application technologies add unrivalled precision and efficiency to the large spray booms.

The H-SELECT nozzle control technology co-ordinates up to four different nozzles to continually maintain the required target rate across the boom and speed range.

An autonomous controller monitors each boom section's speed against the set spray rate, then selects nozzle heads rapidly and precisely to achieve consistent spray delivery during every stage of spray operations - including starting, headland turns and turns to follow the paddock shape or avoid obstacles.

GeoSelect adds to this application process, by combining pre-scanned paddock insights with real-time metrics to enable the strategic, accurate and accountable chemical application.

The technology collates essential machine and ambient information, through pre-scanned and pre-programmed data, and makes real-time application adjustments to reduce chemical usage and cost by up to 90pc.

HARDI's self-propelled product manager Steve Lancaster believes truly optimised spraying results come from combining the best boom with the best sprayer and the best spray technology.

"I'm confident with our machines; you will be covering hectares this spraying season," Mr Lancaster said.

"There's no doubt the market is looking for higher capacity SPs these days and HARDI's RUBICON is the biggest SP in the Australian market."

HARDI Australia has spent years ensuring their self-propelled sprayers meet all the requirements for Australian farmers and now with available options of H-SELECT and GeoSelect, these features go the extra mile to make them even more productive.

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